5 KDramas That Turned Into The Biggest Disappointment of KDrama History


So how does a KDrama qualify to be on this list?

I’m not just talking about a bad drama. These dramas are not just simple bad dramas. Oh no, they are dramas that sound perfectly great and awesome. They’ve got the enticing trailer, the star-studded cast, and the amazing storyline. Like nothing in this world could possibly go wrong, you know what I mean? I know you get me.

But then several episodes in, you finally can’t take it anymore and admit that this show is not what the hype built it up to be. It has taken that perfect premise of what could be made into a timeless drama classic and flung it out of the window to make a frustrating sloppy fck. The word disappointment is a understatement and I just feel like crying, like KDrama gods, how can you betray me like this?? TT_TT

These dramas have scarred, made me reluctant to start another drama that sounds great. Like, what if it’s another scam and turn’s out its another shitty show. And by the time I realize that it’s another shitty show, I would’ve already wasted my time and invested 3-4 episodes of my life into this shitty show.

Okay, rant time over. Let’s start the list.

1- Hyde Jekyll & I (2015)


Quick Plot Breakdown (QPB): Hyun Bin has two personalities- one nice & the other cold, and each personality has no memories of the other. The girl falls in love with the nice one…

You know how to tell when I get really really excited about a upcoming drama? I blog about it, which is exactly what I did for this drama. Well, fck me because boy do I regret wasting all my time on that anticipation blog. This drama turned out to be a flop.

The cast was great, I mean it’s freaking Hyun Bin straight outta military service- what else do you want in a cast? The storyline sounds like it will be full of laugh-out-loud moments, but no it was not. And, as a loyal rom-com fan, I was not impressed at the slightest.

The drama started out great, until I realized that it was not going in that light and comedic direction that I thought it was going to go in. Then, there is the confused main female lead and her sob story of I like the nice personality, but I can’t accept the cold personality. Like, gurl, get over it- either way it’s still Hyun Bin. Admit that you love him, get married, have kids, make the audience happy. It’s that simple.

2- My Sassy Girl (2017)


QPB: A popular and arrogant scholar returns to Joseon from study abroad in China. He becomes the prince’s tutor, which leads to a lot of encounters with the bold and rowdy princess…

Another flop that I wasted a blog post on *facepalms*

Hottie Moon Joo Won as the male lead, check. Hilarious and gorgeous Oh Yeon Seo as female lead, check. Storyline with potential, check. This drama had it all, but still lost it all.

The chemistry between the leads was a little off for me, the comedy was a little too exaggerated and slapstick for me (like they were trying too hard to make the viewers laugh), and the reoccurring political palace wars are just not my style. I wouldn’t waste my time on this, I recommend you stick with a rerun of the original My Sassy Girl movie.

3- Bride of the Water God (2017)


QPB: A narcissistic water god descends to earth to find a magic stone that will help him reclaim his throne. He seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who is fated to serve as his servant and bride, but she does not believe in gods and thinks he’s a psychopath… 

I love, just absolutely love fantasy rom-coms. They are the greatest things to have graced the earth and us lowly mortals. Plus, it stars Nam Joo Hyuk and I freaking love that guy. He’s like a giant puppy (with a chocolate abs and a smile that can swoon a million girls ❤ ).

However, it’s on this list, so you know shit is about to go down. The storyline just draggggs after the first 6 or so episodes, like what the hell, drama gods? Pull your shit together and write a proper script for these well-paid actors/actresses.

Also, the actress who plays the female lead- yea, we just don’t click. I don’t know what happened, maybe she’s got some beef against me leftover from a past life, but geezus this girl has ruined a number of dramas for me (When a Man Falls in Love, Blade Man, The Girl Who See Scents, Black Knight, etc. etc.). Her acting is either really dead or really over the top- there’s just no in-between with her. She’s ruined so many dramas, I thought she would stop it already, but no, she did it again 😐

4- Madame Antoine (2016)


QPB: Out of spite at a fake fortune-teller stealing his clients, the well-known psychologist performs a love experiment to seduce her. He hires 3 attractive men to make her fall in love (one of the men being himself lol)…

I really liked Han Ye Seul’s strong character from Birth of a Beauty and Sung Joon’s boyish looks & smoldering deep voice from I Need Romance 3. Needless to say I was excited to see this pairing work their chemistry on the small screen with a new and refreshing storyline.

What turned me off was all the love games, the lies, and the overly used “push and pull” technique that the main OTP had up their sleeves. Like I just want a simple and sweet love story, why you gotta be playin’ all these games for.

Some of the games/lies that the leads have pulled on each other were getting out of line and just plain old douche-baggery. It was to the point that I no longer found it romantic or funny and I began to question their OTP status.

5- Uncontrollably Fond (2016)


QPB: The guy is a top celebrity and has months to live. The girl is poor and money-driven. The two had known each other during their school years, but fell apart. Now they meet again as adults…

The thing is I entered this drama only knowing two things, Kim Woo Bin (yasss) and Suzy (ehh… but she’s pretty, so whatever). I didn’t know about the terminally ill part that is placed on Woo Bin’s character (my fault because I was busy fangirling over his existence). Then, when I found out while watching the drama, it dawned on me- oh fck 😮 this is a tragic romance, the ending will be tragic, there is no happy ending, quick, abort mission, gtfo now!

The hype around this drama is all around Kim Woo Bin getting his first leading role, and Suzy. There are always Suzy fans out there that will watch anything for a glimpse of her. The drama was filmed nicely, like in terms of scenery and lighting and it’s got some dope music for reminiscing.

The reason this drama was so disappointing to me was partly that there was no future for this couple. The dude is terminally ill and there is nothing (besides a unrealistic miracle) that will save him. Maybe for some this tragic genre is their cup of tea, but not me- I will fling that cup of tea out the window.

The other reason why this was a flop for me was because there’s not really a climax or plot. It’s predictable. The guy is going to find out he is dying and not want to start a relationship with the girl to protect her.

But the girl is going to fight for her feelings, so the guy is like, fine you win but I’m keeping this terminally ill thing a secret until you somehow find out by accident. Girl finally somehow finds out by accident and is torn. Guy is like fckkk, you found out, now I gotta ghost. Girl is like you ain’t goin’ anywhere, I don’t care about your illness, let’s just spend your remaining time together. Guy is like… ehh and then he dies. Girl is torn, end of story.

So here are my top 5 most disappointing KDramas that I have encountered. Props to the cast and staff for trying, but obviously not hard enough because if they had listened to us, the viewers, like maybe once, the drama would not have crash and burned that fast. Let me know down below if you agree or if you have your own to add to the list 🙂


KDrama: 5 Reasons to Anticipate My Sassy Girl (2017)


Okay, at first I wasn’t too excited from this 2017 My Sassy Girl remake, but then I heard some things (particularly this list of 5) that’s making me all pumped for this to air. It’s coming out in a few days on May 29th btw.


Reason #1 is obvious, three words: Moon Joo Won. If you don’t know, check out Bridal Mask, 7th Grade Civil Servant, Good Doctor. In my personal opinion though, just the thought of seeing his perfect face on my laptop screen is enough reason to want to watch this. However, I can say with confidence that this guy is not only a pretty face, he proved himself good with his deeper works (Bridal Mask, again).


Reason #2 is also quite obvious: Oh Yeon Seo. I first saw her acting in Come Back Mister and no other words can describe her other than, she is da bomb. This chick is uber hilarious, like I’m tripping. She is also super beautiful and she fits the word sassy to the freaking T, so yass yass yassss.



This remake is not just any old remake, it’s a remake where they’re changing the time period~ ooh plot twist. The original movie was set in the modern times, but this time around we get to see the romcom unfold in the Josoen Dynasty. So what does this mean? Only prettier costumes, more scenic sets, and ofc the addition of palace drama dundundun

The fact that the main girl is suppose to be all sassy and forward, makes her all the more a sore thumb sticking out in the conservative time period, I just cannot wait to see the Joseon pple’s face ^_^


The teaser that came out like 10 days ago got me all excited. I already see hints of the perfect mix of humor, romance, action, suspense, and feeeels.

Moon Joo Won with spectacles? I approve the look
Well, she looks like she’s havin’ fun


This is the heart-moving synopsis I found online for My Sassy Girl:


You see those last few words that I highlighted above? Yea, can’t fcking wait to see that happen.

My impression on this Kdrama- it’s going to be a complete and utter riot. I’m still stuck in my little Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms world, so it’s been real hard watching anything new, let alone finishing any dramas. Hopefully, My Sassy Girl is the answer to this drama death valley I’ve been stuck in for the past month.

Some additional visuals~