CDrama Review: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms


I finished Goblin about a month ago and was just starting to get over my withdrawal symptoms for that drama. I was still on the lookout for something to top that drama, because that show has drawn the drama bar so high up a simple series cannot satisfy my drama cravings. I was using Strong Woman Do Bong Soon to temporarily stop those cravings, which I admit did a pretty good job.

Then, my friend reminded me to watch Ten Miles of Peach Blossom yet again– she has been telling me that I should give it a try since the day the drama started airing (which was like somewhere in January 2017 I think). TMOPB is a Chinese fantasy period drama with a whopping 58 episodes. Fantasy dramas are my thing, but I was turned off by the idea of it being a period drama because I just don’t feel those. They have too much cruel palace drama and politics for me to give a fck about, especially if they are going to draw it out for 58 episodes.

A week ago, I finally took up my friend’s drama suggestion because we do have a very similar taste and standard in dramas. Also, news about this drama has been hitting the web like crazay and pple have been raving about it left & right. I thought what’s the harm in giving this drama a go?- it’s not like I have another amazing drama up my sleeve.

But, let me tell you, gurl, the harm that TMOPB has done to me, to my life, to my skyrocketing drama expectations. I finished the entire series in less than a week- that’s right, I devoured all 58 episodes without skipping a single scene in a mere sitting of 6 days. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and I would stay up till 4 am marathoning this (even with work looming the next morning).

In those 6 days I have ugly-cried, laughed, hated, and fell in love- all before the screen of my laptop. After I finished TMOPB, day 7 was just mindless depression- I had no appetite, no interest in my social/work/school life, no concerns over the newly emerged pimples on my face, no fcks for my outfit of the day, the list goes on. With TMOPB over, I felt so empty, like I no longer have anything to look forward to anymore. The only thing on my mind was TMOPB and how perfect the main characters were (I’m mostly looking at you, Yehua) and wonderfully amazing the story was. Before day 7 ended I could no longer hold in my TMOPB feels- I went in for round 2 of marathoning the drama.

When I first watched TMOPB, I had no clue what the drama was going to be about. I didn’t know who the male lead was- heck, I didn’t even which actors were casted for the show. The only things I knew was 1) Yangmi is the female lead, 2) there’s a nine-tailed fox in it (bc I scrolled passed a TMOPB clip on fb), and 3) this drama is long (my preferred drama length is give or take 20 episodes).

I felt like diving into the drama headfirst, without a damn clue on the plot made it a more exciting experience for me. TMOPB was adopted from a novel, which I have not read, but I heard that the producers have stuck closely to the book and have only made the drama even better than the novel. A lot of viewers may have forecasted what would be coming in the next episodes, since they have read the novel. Coming from a perspective that have never heard of the novel, I felt like I experienced a fresher storyline and reacted more to the unexpected major turning events. I had no idea what was going to happen next and that kept me watching till 4 in the morning.


Now, let me give you a breakdown of the compelling storyline because it’s one of the main factors that made this drama oh so addicting. If you wish to dive into the drama headfirst without a single drop of pretense (like me), skip the following paragraphs in peach blossom pink.

The magical Khunlun Mountain
Mo Yuan accepting SiYin
Yehua’s soul with SiYin

The story of 2 immortals, Bai Qian (Fox Tribe’s Queen) and Yehua (Heaven’s Crown Prince), transcends through the period of 3 “lives” in 3 different “worlds”. The drama starts in the first period, where 70,000 year-old Bai Qian goes under the identity of a boy named SiYin to become a disciple of the God of War, Mo Yuan (shifuuuu). This period takes place in Mo Yuan’s “world”, Khunlun Mountain, and Yehua is still yet to be born. Yehua’s soul/life is contained in a golden lotus on Khunlun Mountain till he is ready to be born and his soul falls in love with Bai Qian/SiYin as he quietly watches over her. 

Yehua seducing SuSu 😀
Yehua and SuSu

We transition into the second period that takes places in the mortal world, where Yehua has been born in the Heaven’s palace and is now 60,000 years old. Meanwhile, 140,000 year-old Bai Qian is thrown into the mortal world, stripped of her memories and immortal powers, during a fight with the story’s main villain. Yehua is sent to the mortal world to capture a evil creature, leading him to meet the “mortal” Bai Qian. Even though Yehua’s memory of loving Bai Qian/SiYin when he was a soul in a golden lotus is gone after he was born, he falls in love with her again. Yehua calls this “mortal” who has no name or memories SuSu. The couple is brought to the Heaven’s palace and the cruel palace hierarchy pushes SuSu/Bai Qian to jump to her death right after she gives birth to Yehua’s baby TT_TT

Heaven’s Palace
Fox Tribe (Qin Qiu)
Yehua and Bai Qain finally meets again

Finally we enter the third and final period, after SuSu/Bai Qian has jumped to her death, she is returned to the immortal world and her immortal powers & memories are back. However, she chooses to forget her memories of being with Yehua because it was just too painful for her to carry. Yehua mourns for SuSu/Bai Qian for 300 years before they meet again by chance and he recognizes that SuSu is actually Bai Qian right away. Yehua proceeds to make Bai Qian fall in love with him all over again… ❤

This. Just this.

I know the summary is a mouthful, but, believe me, it nevertheless is a captivating and perfect story. The reasons that this drama is beyond others include:

*Yehua never once falls for the lies of the btchs that try to get between him and Bai Qain. He sees through all of their awful plans and this gets rid of a lot of the typical drama misunderstandings.

*Yehua has loved only one woman, Bai Qain, from the moment before he has existed as a soul and will continue to for an eternity. This drama doesn’t have the overused “hate turns to love” relationships.

*The main cast was played by fcking amazing actors/actresses. Their emotions- pain, heartbreak, longing, love, etc. was spilling off the screen by the gallons. I couldn’t help but begin to experience these emotions with the main characters. The main cast had to play multiple roles/lives and they brought each and everyone to life. Mark Chao played Mo Yuan, Yehau, Zhao Ge. Yangmi played Bai Qian, SiYin, SuSu, Xuan Nu (partially), and a taoist priest.

*The ethereal costumes, flowing long hair, and the scenic backdrop was breathtaking to say the least. Yehua looks majestically delicious in his black robes *drools uncontrollably* Even the cast themselves has pointed out how detailed and heavy their costumes were *O*

*The OST is the bomb. It’s all I listen to now- in the morning, commuting to school/work, eating, sleeping, working, in the bathroom, everyday everywhere. They incorporate the flute, guqin, and piano to create a romantic masterpiece that brings me back to the loving and sad moments of TMOPB.

*TMOPB nailed romance like no other drama. The romance and on-screen chemistry felt so real and, to be honest with you guys, I completely melted for Yehua. I’m in love with a fictional character of a fantasy drama -__-

*I cried watching TMOPB and this is saying a lot because I never never ever cry. I don’t cry in real life situations I have experienced and I def do not cry for some fictional drama someone scripted. If I ever did cry, you’re lucky to get a sniffle and a tear drop or two. However, for TMOPB, the tears did not stop. It was to the point that my parents grew a bit concerned when they saw me.

My final verdict is 100 out of 5 stars. TMOP, you have successfully taken me out of my Goblin depression, but who will heal me from my TMOPB wounds now?

Before you go, please enjoy these beautiful pictures.

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KDrama Review: Goblin- The Lonely and Great God


I just finished watching Goblin– I know I’m late as hell, this drama finished airing like ages ago. The truth is I deliberately took a break from this drama after episode 14, but not because it got boring or bad. It was actually because I didn’t want it to end.

I was depressed that my Friday & Saturday evenings will no longer be the same. I grew so attached to the characters and story-line that it’s borderline embarrassing to tell people about it; and I felt as though as an important part of me was leaving along with the series. I was dying to find out how the writers ended their story, but I was also simultaneously rejecting the fact that the story is over and that it’s time for me to return to reality.

There has been major hype around this drama even before it started airing, but it is all very much well-deserved. If you can’t already tell, I love this drama to pieces. Like pull up your list of all-time Kdrama faves (Secret Garden, You Who Came From the Stars, You’re Beautiful, Descendants of the Sun, etc.) and cross them all out because Goblin easily beats them to the #1 spot. That’s just how good this drama was.

Since, my review is simple- this is amazing, go watch it!- I am switching gears and turning this into a 5 Reasons Why You Have to Watch Goblin post.

1.The Genre


A Goblin, a Grim Reaper, a girl who can see ghosts, and deities? Oh fck yasss. I am always intrigued with the fantasy genre because it gives shows a unique and slightly chilling twist. Not only is this a fantasy, it is also interlaced with amazing comedy, romance, and melo. I would also like to point out that this is a tvN drama, so you know it will be at least decent because of their previous hit dramas and willingness to try refreshing new storylines.

2.The Cast


What makes a show about Goblins and Reapers even better? Ofc, when they are also hot as fck. I am crying over how perfect the drama line-up is TT_TT

Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, and Kim Go Eun. I don’t think a cast can be more beautiful and talented than this, like this is the best it is ever going to get. I have watched the main casts’ other works and their acting was the seed that brought this storyline to life. You will also notice a few other gems in the supporting cast and cameos, which only adds to the drama’s awesomeness.

3.The Romance, or shall I say the Bromance?


The bromance that was brewing between Goblin and Reaper was pure fcking gold, I was looking forward to their scenes more than I was for all the other love lines combined. How can 2 adult men that are hundreds of  years old still be so childish? They made me laugh and cry so much during the 16 episodes, that I’m pretty sure the emotional roller coaster ride I’ve been through left me severely damaged.

The chemistry between the 2 other love lines (Goblin and Eun Tak, Reaper and Sunny) is also spilling off the screen, so if you are not interested in the bromance (how can you not be tho), there is the sweet and sad romance between the leads to look forward to. There is none of that love-triangle/square/hexagon bull, just simple OTP romance. The age gap between Goblin, a man that looks to be about 30 years old, and Eun Tak, a high school student, may seem a little awkward at first, but I promise, you will soon get over it with their overpowering chemistry and storyline.

4.The Cinematography

This whole serious was filmed with beautiful camera work. I felt like I was indulging in a high-budget movie instead of a TV drama. The lighting and camera angles gives off that nostalgic, pure, and romantic feel. The graphics for the more magical sci-fi scenes were incorporated realistically. The locations they filmed at were stunning, think like buckwheat fields at night, the ocean on a stormy day, and the French-influenced Quebec, Canada.

 5.The OST

The entire OST, yes all damn 14 parts, was pure angel bells to the ears. The vocals (just to throw some names out there- Chanyoel EXO, Eddie Kim, Sam Kim, Roy Kim, Soyou Sistar, Ailee, Mamamoo, and so on) and the tunes threw scenes of the drama to the next fcking level. This OST has been topping several music charts for some time and this is really what finished the packaging to this amazing Kdrama. The OST is actually on my phone right now and it’s what I listen to as I reminisce about the series on my commute to school and work.

I give this drama a 10 out of 10. This drama is not just all fanatical creatures and sad romance. It also explored the deeper meaning behind life and death, and the speculated space and time between the two. It makes you see how fragile yet determined a life really is, and how beautiful life is despite the bad, evil and unfortunate. It also restores your belief that there just might be miracles in this world and that we are being protected by a supernatural beyond us all.

No matter if others may see the bad and the good that is done, it will be rewarded and punished accordingly when the appropriate time comes. It made me see that there is an order in this world and that there is a important fate in every being. It makes me rethink my actions and my surroundings. I am not a superstitious or religious person, like at all, but for me to develop perspectives like these from a drama, this goes to show how much impact and change Goblin has made on me.

Now that I’ve exposed my deep feelings for Goblin, tell me all about yours- did you enjoy this Kdrama as much as I did? and, if you haven’t watched it yet, well why the hell not?!