KDrama: 5 Reasons to Anticipate My Sassy Girl (2017)


Okay, at first I wasn’t too excited from this 2017 My Sassy Girl remake, but then I heard some things (particularly this list of 5) that’s making me all pumped for this to air. It’s coming out in a few days on May 29th btw.


Reason #1 is obvious, three words: Moon Joo Won. If you don’t know, check out Bridal Mask, 7th Grade Civil Servant, Good Doctor. In my personal opinion though, just the thought of seeing his perfect face on my laptop screen is enough reason to want to watch this. However, I can say with confidence that this guy is not only a pretty face, he proved himself good with his deeper works (Bridal Mask, again).


Reason #2 is also quite obvious: Oh Yeon Seo. I first saw her acting in Come Back Mister and no other words can describe her other than, she is da bomb. This chick is uber hilarious, like I’m tripping. She is also super beautiful and she fits the word sassy to the freaking T, so yass yass yassss.



This remake is not just any old remake, it’s a remake where they’re changing the time period~ ooh plot twist. The original movie was set in the modern times, but this time around we get to see the romcom unfold in the Josoen Dynasty. So what does this mean? Only prettier costumes, more scenic sets, and ofc the addition of palace drama dundundun

The fact that the main girl is suppose to be all sassy and forward, makes her all the more a sore thumb sticking out in the conservative time period, I just cannot wait to see the Joseon pple’s face ^_^


The teaser that came out like 10 days ago got me all excited. I already see hints of the perfect mix of humor, romance, action, suspense, and feeeels.

Moon Joo Won with spectacles? I approve the look
Well, she looks like she’s havin’ fun


This is the heart-moving synopsis I found online for My Sassy Girl:


You see those last few words that I highlighted above? Yea, can’t fcking wait to see that happen.

My impression on this Kdrama- it’s going to be a complete and utter riot. I’m still stuck in my little Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms world, so it’s been real hard watching anything new, let alone finishing any dramas. Hopefully, My Sassy Girl is the answer to this drama death valley I’ve been stuck in for the past month.

Some additional visuals~






KDrama Review: Goblin- The Lonely and Great God


I just finished watching Goblin– I know I’m late as hell, this drama finished airing like ages ago. The truth is I deliberately took a break from this drama after episode 14, but not because it got boring or bad. It was actually because I didn’t want it to end.

I was depressed that my Friday & Saturday evenings will no longer be the same. I grew so attached to the characters and story-line that it’s borderline embarrassing to tell people about it; and I felt as though as an important part of me was leaving along with the series. I was dying to find out how the writers ended their story, but I was also simultaneously rejecting the fact that the story is over and that it’s time for me to return to reality.

There has been major hype around this drama even before it started airing, but it is all very much well-deserved. If you can’t already tell, I love this drama to pieces. Like pull up your list of all-time Kdrama faves (Secret Garden, You Who Came From the Stars, You’re Beautiful, Descendants of the Sun, etc.) and cross them all out because Goblin easily beats them to the #1 spot. That’s just how good this drama was.

Since, my review is simple- this is amazing, go watch it!- I am switching gears and turning this into a 5 Reasons Why You Have to Watch Goblin post.

1.The Genre


A Goblin, a Grim Reaper, a girl who can see ghosts, and deities? Oh fck yasss. I am always intrigued with the fantasy genre because it gives shows a unique and slightly chilling twist. Not only is this a fantasy, it is also interlaced with amazing comedy, romance, and melo. I would also like to point out that this is a tvN drama, so you know it will be at least decent because of their previous hit dramas and willingness to try refreshing new storylines.

2.The Cast


What makes a show about Goblins and Reapers even better? Ofc, when they are also hot as fck. I am crying over how perfect the drama line-up is TT_TT

Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, and Kim Go Eun. I don’t think a cast can be more beautiful and talented than this, like this is the best it is ever going to get. I have watched the main casts’ other works and their acting was the seed that brought this storyline to life. You will also notice a few other gems in the supporting cast and cameos, which only adds to the drama’s awesomeness.

3.The Romance, or shall I say the Bromance?


The bromance that was brewing between Goblin and Reaper was pure fcking gold, I was looking forward to their scenes more than I was for all the other love lines combined. How can 2 adult men that are hundreds of  years old still be so childish? They made me laugh and cry so much during the 16 episodes, that I’m pretty sure the emotional roller coaster ride I’ve been through left me severely damaged.

The chemistry between the 2 other love lines (Goblin and Eun Tak, Reaper and Sunny) is also spilling off the screen, so if you are not interested in the bromance (how can you not be tho), there is the sweet and sad romance between the leads to look forward to. There is none of that love-triangle/square/hexagon bull, just simple OTP romance. The age gap between Goblin, a man that looks to be about 30 years old, and Eun Tak, a high school student, may seem a little awkward at first, but I promise, you will soon get over it with their overpowering chemistry and storyline.

4.The Cinematography

This whole serious was filmed with beautiful camera work. I felt like I was indulging in a high-budget movie instead of a TV drama. The lighting and camera angles gives off that nostalgic, pure, and romantic feel. The graphics for the more magical sci-fi scenes were incorporated realistically. The locations they filmed at were stunning, think like buckwheat fields at night, the ocean on a stormy day, and the French-influenced Quebec, Canada.

 5.The OST

The entire OST, yes all damn 14 parts, was pure angel bells to the ears. The vocals (just to throw some names out there- Chanyoel EXO, Eddie Kim, Sam Kim, Roy Kim, Soyou Sistar, Ailee, Mamamoo, and so on) and the tunes threw scenes of the drama to the next fcking level. This OST has been topping several music charts for some time and this is really what finished the packaging to this amazing Kdrama. The OST is actually on my phone right now and it’s what I listen to as I reminisce about the series on my commute to school and work.

I give this drama a 10 out of 10. This drama is not just all fanatical creatures and sad romance. It also explored the deeper meaning behind life and death, and the speculated space and time between the two. It makes you see how fragile yet determined a life really is, and how beautiful life is despite the bad, evil and unfortunate. It also restores your belief that there just might be miracles in this world and that we are being protected by a supernatural beyond us all.

No matter if others may see the bad and the good that is done, it will be rewarded and punished accordingly when the appropriate time comes. It made me see that there is an order in this world and that there is a important fate in every being. It makes me rethink my actions and my surroundings. I am not a superstitious or religious person, like at all, but for me to develop perspectives like these from a drama, this goes to show how much impact and change Goblin has made on me.

Now that I’ve exposed my deep feelings for Goblin, tell me all about yours- did you enjoy this Kdrama as much as I did? and, if you haven’t watched it yet, well why the hell not?!

KDrama Review: Falling for Innocence


Let’s start off with a brief synopsis of the drama:

“Min Ho’s father ran a large company, but his death led to his uncle taking over the company and to Min-Ho’s growing into a cold cutthroat investor. But then his personality changes when the merciless corporate head hunter undergoes a heart transplant surgery. Thanks to his new heart (which belongs to Soon Jung’s dead fiance), Min Ho begins to have warm feelings and he falls in love with Soon Jung.”

This drama definitely deserves more attention then it received because I think its on par with if not better than currently trending dramas, like Man From the Stars, The Heirs, etc. This is a rare gem, where the writers didn’t feel the need to drag out the story-line and frustrate us viewers. It was a compact 16 episodes with none of that wedecidedtoaddmoreepisodesbecausethisisstartingtogetgoodratings crap.

First off, the female lead Soon Jung is Kim So Yeon and whenever I hear her name associated with a romcom, I already know it’s going to be a good one. For example, Prosecutor Princess and I Need Romance 3 are both pretty darn amazing- now I can add Falling for Innocence to her list. I like her acting and she can pull off aegyo without having me make a uugh face and her skin is perfect and her body is flawless. I would also like to mention that her outfits were on point in this drama. She actually wears stuff that is appropriate for her workpalce (not the miniskirts, super short shorts, and killer heels I see some girls wear to work in some other dramas).


As for the male lead Min Ho starring Jung Kyung Ho, I have never watched his previous works, but I grew to love his character and I regret not having watched his stuff before. The personality he took on for his role was very interesting- it was very honest, weird, funny, romantic, and smart. I wish more drama leads possessed this personality. Also, he is too cute, just look at him below!! He’s eating her shoulder! Like who the ef even does that? In all seriousness though, he can have my shoulder any day.


And being that the female and male lead are both such awesome people, of course, they have awesome chemistry. There was so much fluffy romantic and funny moments between these two that I was constantly laughing or smiling my ass off. There were also some sad moments in the series (which is always to be expected in kdramas), but I think they gave me the right amount of feels to balance off the comedic side of the drama. The ost also did not fail me.


In all aspects, I think this drama thoroughly impressed me and gave me a great ride through a not-your-typical love story. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 stars!

KDrama Review: Birth of a Beauty

It’s really easy for me to start a drama, but it’s an entirely different story for me to finish a drama (especially if it starts dragging, which most dramas like doing after the half-way point). Each time I finish a series, I feel a sense of accomplishment. After-all, I did invest 16 to 20 hours of my precious time and feels into it. On the other hand, I also feel a tiny bit of sadness and regret to have finished a series because after the 16 to 20 hours I have spent with it, I get emotionally attached to the characters. However, I have heard that I am not the only one that gets emotionally attached to dramas, so that means I’m not completely cray cray. In conclusion, dramas play a very bittersweet role in my life, but nonetheless, I appreciate it for helping me pass the little free time that I have.

Now, on to more important matters at hand, my most recent accomplishment:

Birth of a Beauty


Let’s start off with a brief synopsis:

Overweight, kind-hearted Sa Geum Ran married into a well-to-do family, but her husband Lee Kang Joon has spent the past seven years in the United States for his business, while Geum Ran has lived with her evil mother- and sister-in-laws. Geum Ran learns that Kang Joon has returned home and, not only has he been having a secret affair, he wants a divorce. Devastated, she drives off and gets into a car accident. Everyone thinks that she is dead, when in fact she has survived. After secret plastic surgery and weight-loss, the now beautiful Geum Ran is ready to ruin her ex-husband and his mistress with her new identity.

The cast was on point, the ost was great, and the storyline was off the wall. I watched this drama as it aired weekly, but I dropped it momentarily (for like 2 weeks) due to the following reasons:

– Episodes 17 to 19 was where this drama started dragging. I think this drama was initially intended to be just 18 episodes, but some Kdrama masters decided that it would be a nice idea to extend it to 21 episodes. And the writers thought these 3 extra episodes was to be used to piss off the viewers because that’s exactly what it did.

– Finals week

– Work

– And finals week

I was still able to finish the series around a week after their final episode aired. I picked up this drama again mainly for the reason being that I really enjoy the chemistry and sweet interactions between the main couple, Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul. They made a kick-ass team in terms of working together to get their revenge on the bad guys. I was also anticipating when the drama villains fail their evil plans (and there was quite a few of them that needed a taste of their own medicine).

To top it all off, I really didn’t mind seeing Joo Sang Wook’s handsome face on my screen (hehe ❤ ).


Throughout the drama, female lead Han Ye Seul donned some cute ass outfits, except for that red sequin dress she wore to an event in episode 14. For such a significant event, I would have expected the stylist to give her a prettier dress. I normally don’t fashion patrol, but the sequins, the collar (ALSO SEQUINED), the belt, and the fit was altogether just too much for my weak soul.


Besides that one dress, I adored everything else that she wore and, even though some outfits may have been on the strange side, she pulled it off completely. I also loved the cute little purses/clutches she accessorized with; and look at her killer heels- like, damn gurl, you rocked them cuz I would have fell on my face after one step.capture


And like all classic romcom dramas, the ending was a nice, happy, well-round one.Overall, I would definitely recommend this drama and I give it a 8/10. It made me laugh at the hilarity of the situations that came up and the plot is definitely an interesting one. Let me know what you thought of this one! 🙂

5 Reasons to Anticipate Hyde, Jekyll, and Me


1. The plot

The male lead has 2 personalities, one is very cold and rude, while the other one is very nice and happy. I speculate that the multiple personality plots are a current trend in SK right now (yes, I’m eyeing you- Kill me, Heal Me), but I don’t mind. Especially if Hyun Bin is the male lead, which by all means go ahead with this weird trend. I am looking forward to this love triangle- Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin, and Han Ji Min. How perfect would this world be with multiple Hyun Bins!

2. The cast

Just look at all these cuties that going to be in this drama.

Hyun Bin : I finally get to see this perfect human in a romcom drama which has been ages- like, I’m talking Secret Garden era.


Han Ji Min: How can one not fall in love with this actress from her role in Rooftop Prince??


Sung Joon: Loved him in Lie to Me, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Can We Get Married, Gu Family Book, I Need Romance 3, and Discovery of Romance– which is almost basically everything he is was ever in.


Hyeri: I am typically not very fond of female idols (sometimes male idols, too) getting their feet wet in acting too. Idk, maybe because they tend to be the cutesy, helpless, main-lead-stealing characters. But I find Hyeri really cute, especially with her Seonam Girls High School Investigators role, so here is another positive to the drama.


Han Sang Jin: I am giving this guy a second chance because I really enjoyed Birth of a Beauty and when I saw his character in it, I thought to myself- he can actually be considered good looking in a baby-face sorta way if he wasn’t so evil. He better not be the bad guy this time around. Do not disappoint me, Han Sang Jin.


Lee Won Guen: The cute guy in the first few episodes of The Moon Embraces the Sun. He’s like attacking me with his eye smile ❤ *dies*


Kwak Hee Sung: Never seen or heard of this guy before. He’s suppose to be some sort of bodyguard in the drama and who doesn’t like a hot bodyguard? No one.


3. The promotional posters and drama stills

These images alone are making me eager for the air date with their comical and romantic feels. Ugh, I can’t even right now- next reason, quick.

9 12 13 14 15

4. The teasers

I can already feel the chemistry between the leads and I’m just anticipating how great everything about this drama is going to be, from Hyun Bin with his cold, city-guy glasses to Hyun Bin in his expensive business suits.

5. Han Ji Min’s hair

The long orange-red wavy hair with a middle part looks perfect on Han Ji Min, which, in my own personal opinion, looks 100 times better than her Rooftop Prince cut. Look at the difference:

16    17

I’m just relieved that I don’t have to hope for that point in the drama where everyone gets a hairstyle change, so that that I no longer have to stare at weird hair for 2 hours a week.

Like Yoon Eun Hye’s curly mop in Marry Him If You Dare (like, wtf was her hair stylist thinking?? Did they really think this was going to roll over fine with the viewers??):


And the 2 leads of Full House Take 2– just no, fck no, not acceptable at all:19

But these 2, I forgive, because they changed their bad hair ways pretty early on in the series:



  Yes, hair is important to me even though I, myself, might not have perfect hair everyday.

Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I don’t normally read as I’m more of a TV-drama-watching person. My taste in books is pretty much the same as my taste in dramas, they have to make me laugh (but since good things are never abundant, I will settle for anything that makes me feel at least some sense of amusement). I hated 98% of the reading I was assigned in school (especially my European history textbook and my advanced placement biology book coming in second). I never finish 40% of the books that I read for leisure because I just don’t feel compelled to find out the ending. Now you get a gist of how rare it is for me to recommend books and even more rare for me to write a book review. Yes, this post is a book review :O

It’s winter break and I was definitely not up for taking winter classes, so I have a month to myself (minus my part-time job because, surprisingly, I can’t live off of watching Kdramas all day). On the days that I don’t work, I :



Put on makeup and do my hair, so that I can look and feel fabulous while I marathon dramas and shop online from by bed

The time I have found for me to read is during the commute to and from work, which is about an hour each way. When I had class, I would use this precious time to nap gracefully or read my textbook (which should of been read weeksss ago). Since I am on my break, I am all caught up with my sleep, so I don’t need graceful naps and, thank the heavens, I don’t have assigned textbook reading either.

Last week, I got my hands on Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, since it looked better than staring out the train window for two hours every time I had work. I knew Mindy from her role in The Office and The Mindy Project (I do watch stuff other than Kdramas and I strongly recommend both), so I thought to myself- Hmm, this ought to be somewhat amusing; okay, I will take the risk of you not being somewhat amusing and buy you for $25.


My sixth sense is very accurate (but not like to the point of accuracy where it can be relied on for predicting stock values) as this book is well worth the commute-reading experience. Mindy is hilarious as always and there were multiple occasions where I had to refrain myself from chuckling aloud on the train. I like to pretend to be normal in front of people who does not know that I am in fact not normal. For instance, when she describes the time where she successfully ditches a friend’s birthday party (not that I do this all the time or even encourage this sort of behavior) or the time she was offered a free cupcake if she would tweet about it.

Basically, the whole book focuses on the important (and funny) moments that have brought Mindy to where is now present-day. Her quirky personality (which I would love to have) shows through her writing. Something interesting- I read the whole book with Mindy’s voice in my head. I finished the book in about 5 days, so now I am back to starring out the train window on my commute to work. I think I will proceed to read Chelsea Handler’s and Tina Fey’s books, which Mindy has mentioned in her own book. If she mentioned it- it should be worth reading, I trust Mindy’s judgement because she’s funny and she makes me laugh. These traits makes her a very trustworthy person in my eyes.