[Eng Sub] UNIQ – Interview @ Chinese Global Music 20141129

Sharing a clip of UNIQ making their introductions on a Chinese Global Music Bank that I had time to sub a while back.

Video Link: http://amara.org/en/videos/ncGWFSFKGoYg/url/1372507/


I’m Uniq

I was explaining to my friend on how I went to bed around 3 in the morning the night before, but I still managed to have gotten none of my studying done. I was preoccupied with watching random videos on YouTube and somehow I was brought to this music video by a pop music boy group called Uniq around midnight. 3 hours later I have sucessfully watched every single video on Uniq’s channel (I am not ashamed to admit I have watched some of them more than several times) and have done some pretty thorough research on the group.

My friend, that I was explaining this situation to, stared at me oddly and slowly chuckled (in a way that tells me she thinks I am very strange). I was also sleep-deprived because I had a class at 8 in the morning, so that left me around 3-4 hours of sleep to function for the day. But that’s okay, I forgive my friend- I admit that I am sometimes strange.

I have duties of higher priority to be concerned about then whether my friend views me as sane or not, like how am I suppose to deal with these deep feelings that I have developed for Uniq in the time span of 3 hours?? The only logical way I can think of to satisfy these emotions is to keep on gushing about them till they fade away.

The video that started this craze was Uniq’s mv for their song Celebrate. This song is supposedly one of the tracks in the recent Penguins of Madagascar movie (which I haven’t watched, but I will now). I fell immediately for the catchy tune, the awesomely hilarious dance, and the dripping charisma radiating from each individual member.

(Update: I did end up going to the theaters to watch Penguins of Madagascar (American ver.), and the best part was the very end where Uniq’s song was playing and the credits are rolling. I was smiling so hard at the sound of the familiar song, while my friend was looking unimpressed next to me.)

Someone please explain to me how it’s possible to be seduced by a trumpet-blowing dance in the middle of a fountain fixture (2:13)?? I am someone who highly values my sleep, so for me to give up hours of my precious beauty sleep, they must be pretty darn perfect.

Also, I must point out the blond bobbed one (Yibo) at 0:30. I don’t think it’s legal to be this blindingly pretty. My eyes were momentarily blinded by the sight of him so I had to pause the mv to wait for my sight to recuperate.


And the wushu moves at 2:30 of the mv was incorporated so seamlessly into the dance that I decided to deem this part as my most favorite part.

I proceeded to watched all their other mv’s- Falling in Love, Born to Fight, etc.; and all their live stage performances and behind the scene clips. This was where my 3 hours of potential sleep went. I will just have to admit the fact that I am not sane, I am uniq.