Somewhere Only We Know

When it was announced that Kris Wu had filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM, it was around the time of my finals week. Needless to say, my grades for that semester are pretty effing bad. I have buried these dark times in the past and they are to never be brought up again.

I genuinely liked EXO tremendously from the day their endless teasers started releasing and I grew to like them even more when they began promoting together as 12 during their Wolf era. My heart started straying more towards Kris, Luhan, Lay, Xiumin, Sehun (the order changes randomly from time to time). However, I wouldn’t consider myself a die-hard fan that purchases every single one of their albums and memorize the lyrics word for word to all of their songs. Since I wasn’t one of those fans I was really surprised at the impact that the news of Kris leaving had on me.

The news of Kris leaving felt unsettling and I couldn’t concentrate on school or work. I was more concerned about EXO than my own life. This made me realize that actually I held EXO closer to my heart than I wanted to admit. This kind of makes me understand how it’s possible to take so long for the female or male Kdrama lead to realize that they are in love with each other. This shit just happens gradually without you even realizing, you know what I mean?

What I wanted to share is that I support Kris leaving and that I will support him whether he wants to act, sing, model, dance, draw, etc…

He is starring in a movie that is coming out really soon, Somewhere Only We Know, and from what I can see in the trailer, it seems quite interesting (even though I don’t normally find pure romance movies my thing- there needs to be comedy in there to balance out the cheesiness).

Also, the ost, There is a Place, that he wrote and sang for the movie is just simply amazing. His voice was perfect in lowness and softness. It can literally put me into peaceful baby sleep. The music video is, honestly, just an excuse for me to drool over more Kris screen time.

From the trailer and music video, I can already tell I will be getting pretty jealous of the main girl. Despite this, I will still watch the movie once it becomes available in my region.

And this will me…

And don’t mind me here below, I’m just spreading some EXO hotness around. In case… anyone wants to… re-confirm of their level of attractiveness… yes, your welcome.