Based in New York City, I’m all about snacking, drama-ing, skincare, online shopping, traveling and pretty much anything green tea-ed or matcha powdered. Join me on these everyday experiences through my reviews and rants ^__^


I started this blog back in November 2014 (wow its been over 3 years, I feel old as a turtle) and I started this to serve somewhat as a outlet for me to express my hobbies and interests. Not much people are aware of my Asian skincare & entertainment craze (maybe there’s like 3 people out that there does know) because, well, I don’t talk about it.

I work in a conservative corporate office in New York City, so I don’t talk about Kdramas or my new Innisfree haul. Why? Because no one watches Kdramas, my lady colleagues watch Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad or whatever show that is currently trending amongst them right now ( I think it might be Stranger Things). Because no one knows what Innisfree is, they use the over-priced mediocre stuff they find from Sephora or Macy’s.

So for the sake of making friends and being able to influence people in the office, I talk about other stuff. Stuff where our interests do overlap, like food, travel, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and tea (oh, you didn’t know? all pretty girls like tea, it’s like the new thing to make us look like we actually go to the gym and work out and only eat organic food).

So my point is, I’m going to blog about whatever the hell I feel like at the moment whether it be skincare reviews, drama reviews, travel reviews or how I rolled out of bed this morning and still managed to look like a f*cking queen. And, that if your conversation ever starts to go dry, just bring up tea. What you never talk about is the weather because that is what lame people bring up when they run out of stuff to talk about in the office. Your welcome.


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