KBeauty Review: Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist


Aside from pimple patches, I am also a huge fan of facial mists. I joined the face mist club back in early 2011 after watching Secret Garden, Big Bang’s version to be more precise. For those of you that have yet to watch or have forgotten, feel free to start the video below from minute 15:00 to 16:22 to open your eyes to the beautiful world of facial mists… Smmmell~~

So what exactly do facial mists do, other than make you look dramatic as fck as you douse your face with serum?

They are meant to give your skin a quick boost of hydration and moisturization. It can be used during your daily/nightly skincare routine to really pack in that good stuff or it can be used throughout the day when your skin starts feeling like that eh-I’m-so-done thing. Mists tend to be super light and liquid-y in formula; and sprays as a super fine mist, so that it’s quick and easy for your skin to absorb.

My first facial mist review will be on Innisfree’s Olive Real Oil Mist, which I ordered online from Innisfreeworld for USD 10.00. Innisfree has 8 lines of skincare, each using a natural ingredient to target specific skin concerns; and this mist is from their Golden Olive line, which is meant for deep moisturizing.


The facial mist comes in a plastic spray bottle that is 6 in (~15.5 cm) in height. The bottle was packaged in a neat little cardboard box, but I trashed that after opening it (gurl, I had to- my room is so cluttered I can’t afford to be extra). To make up for that, here’s a image that I pulled off the web to show you how the box looks.


The bottle is tinted a olive green, but it’s still transparent. You can kind of see the murky solution in the pictures. The mist uses extra virgin olive oil and you can see the oil beads clinging to the insides of the bottle. Because there is ‘real’ oil in this mist, the oil floats to the top of the mist solution after sitting for a while. This is just the nature of oil not being able to mix with water, so a quick shake of the bottle before spraying will fix that.


The mist comes out of a typical spray nozzle, and let me tell you, gurl, it sprays super super fine mist. The image on the Innisfreeworld website shows the mist coming out like this-


But, no, that is certainly not the reality of it, like at all. The mist comes out so fine that I wasn’t able to capture it on camera for you guys. I sprayed it on to the back of my hand and you can’t really see the solution- even when my magnifying lens is used. That’s how fine this baby is.

Despite not be able to see the mist, I can assure you, you will definitely feel it as it hits your face refreshingly with its cute little liquid micro-beads infused with olive oil. I’m not sponsored by Innisfree, btw.

Each time I use this, I spray 3 times (the two sides and then the center of my face) at a distance of about 8 in (~25.5 cm). Then, I will gently pat it into my skin until fully absorbed. It leaves my skin leaving a little sticky, but it’s not like a make-me-feel-crazy-annoyed-sticky feel. It’s more of a endure-able sticky.

I use this mist after my toner and before my lotion at night and in the morning. I don’t use this in the middle of the day, especially when I’m wearing makeup, for the reason that it feels like my skin is absorbing all my foundation and concealer too when I spray this mist on top, and I definitely do not want that.

The scent of the mist is a little weird to me. It’s not a bad smell, but it’s also not the best smell out there. It smells faintly of olives, but it also smells like lemons… did I get a tarnished product or something? The expiration date says 2019, so… idk. Do let me know if you smell this too!

In summary, I give this facial mist a 4 out of 5 stars. It makes my skin feel supple and refreshed. I love that the mist comes out so fine. I enjoy the fact that I can parody Daesung’s role in Big Bang’s Secret Garden parody whenever I use this. However, I took off a point for leaving my skin a slight sticky finish and its odd citrus scent.


Author: thecrazyandlazy

Based in New York City, I'm all about snacking, drama-ing, skincare, online shopping, and anything green tea-ed or matcha powdered. Join me on these everyday experiences through my reviews and rants ^__^

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