KBeauty Review: Skin Food Trouble Clear Spot Patch


Today I’m back with a part 2 to my pimple patch reviews! The star of today’s review is Skin Food’s Trouble Clear Spot Patch (Somaderm Spots).




Compared to my previous review of the Mamonde AC Balance Spot Patch, these are a bit pricier- I got these from TesterKorea.com for KRW 3,740 (which is like USD 3.24). These patches are packaged very nicely- they are resealable, so it keeps your patches freshhh~

There’s 24 patches in a pack and you can see that I’m almost done with this TT_TT the patches were sealed in another layer of clear wrapping, which shows Skin Food was very meticulous about keeping these babies fresh and clean. It’s not pictured (because I’ve been using the shit out of this pack), but the patches came in 3 different sizes (diameters of 0.75 cm, 1.00 cm, and 1.25 cm). For reference, the 3 patches that are remaining in the picture are of the largest size, 1.25 cm.

Inside is also a little manual that explains how this products works. Ofc it’s all in Korean, but it’s pretty self explanatory- place it on your pimple after washing your face and keep on for ~6-12 hours.


The patches are thick, I would say like at least 2 or 3 times thicker than the Mamonde patches. They are also not transparent at all and have a off white tint. Thus, I tend to put these on my face at night, so no one stares at me like I unintentionally have something sticking on my face.

Because these are thicker, they work so much better in drawing out and absorbing acne secretion. For me, they work especially well on popped pimples. You can literally see the secretion that is absorbed into the patch when you peel them off in the morning, it turns the patch a deeper white (I know, this is sounds nasty as fck, I’m so sorry if you are eating as you read this). The patches also helps with swelling and closing up the acne wound.

If you have every tried using Cosrx’s Acne Pimple Master Patch, these are very very very similar to them- like from the packaging to the actual patches. On top of that, these are actually cheaper than the Cosrx patches by a dollar or so. The dollar you are saving adds up when you stock up in bulk, so gurl you know what to buy when you have the choice of Skin Food or Cosrx.

These are my favorite acne patches right now and I honestly have no cons to point out. I have been sticking these on my pimples at night and switching them out to thinner patches during the day. These patches are a life saver in helping me control my acne. I give these magical patches a 4.9 out of 5.

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