Clinique Skincare and Makeup Review


I received a gift card to Clinque a while back from work (thank you, work, I knew I had you for an important reason- FREE GIFT CARDS!! <3), so I finally used it to pick out a few items that I’ve been meaning to try out. I’m not really a heavy Clinique user (or actually a Clinique user at all), so this is my first impression of their line of skincare and makeup. I have purchased a good number of items and here are a few of which that I have used enough of to generate a somewhat reliable review of:

1. Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (Clinique and their excruciatingly long product names -_- smh)


My skin is a combination of dry and oily and it drank this up like someone who was stranded in a desert for a week. The gel/creme-like texture went on to my face really smoothly and despite being a heavy duty facial moisturizer, it didn’t feel heavy at all. Glad that it did not clog up my pores because that was my main fear of using overly heavy moisturizers.


This is what’s left of the product- an empty jar. That’s how much my skin loved it. I pat myself on the back for choosing such a awesome moisturizer out of all the other stuff Clinique had to offer 🙂

2. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (Don’t ask- I don’t know why the product name has a + sign. They just do, I didn’t make a typo, but maybe Clinique did.)


This really is dramatically different, that is- dramatically worst that the first product I just reviewed above. It has a similar consistency, maybe slightly heavier, but it makes my skin feel so greasy, like it I masked with a thin layer of oil. On the days that I used this, I had to blot my face like crazy through out the day. I even gave this lotion a 2nd, 3rd, and a 4th try (in the case that my skin was just acting up from the sudden change in my skincare routine), but to my disappointment, no 😦

Unlike, the empty jar of Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, I still have 75% of this thing, and it will most likely stay that way for the rest of its life (which is before I trash it or gift it to someone I don’t like very much).

3. Even Better Makeup SPF 15 (01 – alabaster)


I normally buy BB cream over foundation, but this sounded like a BB cream with more coverage to me. It has SPF 15 and it supposedly brightens and corrects my skin tone. I have a few acne scars that’s visible on my face, but nothing that won’t fade with time. I wanted to try this product with the hope that it will speed up the fading of my scars. Cuz, you know, I need my milky white skin to complete my fabulous-ness.

I haven’t notice much difference in this from other foundations that I’ve used, which might be because I don’t use this religiously enough. I mostly use this when my skin is acting out because it does have better coverage than my BB creams. I try not to use this unless I need to because it makes my makeup look thick and dry, so I strongly advise not to use this around the eyes. It will make you look like you aged 50 years.

 4. Redness Solutions Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology (Calming Alabaster)


My skin is always on the redder side because it’s so sensitive, so I thought this would be wonderful if it really does what it claims to with their “technology”. It does cancel out my redness, but not as much as I wanted it to. It was only slightly better than using normal concealer. On top, of that, it left my complexion looking a little unsettling, like I could go film a kdrama’s sad hospital scene (where I am the patient ofc).

Let me know about your own experience with Clinique or if there were any good products that I am missing out on.


Author: thecrazyandlazy

Based in New York City, I'm all about snacking, drama-ing, skincare, online shopping, and anything green tea-ed or matcha powdered. Join me on these everyday experiences through my reviews and rants ^__^

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