Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I don’t normally read as I’m more of a TV-drama-watching person. My taste in books is pretty much the same as my taste in dramas, they have to make me laugh (but since good things are never abundant, I will settle for anything that makes me feel at least some sense of amusement). I hated 98% of the reading I was assigned in school (especially my European history textbook and my advanced placement biology book coming in second). I never finish 40% of the books that I read for leisure because I just don’t feel compelled to find out the ending. Now you get a gist of how rare it is for me to recommend books and even more rare for me to write a book review. Yes, this post is a book review :O

It’s winter break and I was definitely not up for taking winter classes, so I have a month to myself (minus my part-time job because, surprisingly, I can’t live off of watching Kdramas all day). On the days that I don’t work, I :



Put on makeup and do my hair, so that I can look and feel fabulous while I marathon dramas and shop online from by bed

The time I have found for me to read is during the commute to and from work, which is about an hour each way. When I had class, I would use this precious time to nap gracefully or read my textbook (which should of been read weeksss ago). Since I am on my break, I am all caught up with my sleep, so I don’t need graceful naps and, thank the heavens, I don’t have assigned textbook reading either.

Last week, I got my hands on Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, since it looked better than staring out the train window for two hours every time I had work. I knew Mindy from her role in The Office and The Mindy Project (I do watch stuff other than Kdramas and I strongly recommend both), so I thought to myself- Hmm, this ought to be somewhat amusing; okay, I will take the risk of you not being somewhat amusing and buy you for $25.


My sixth sense is very accurate (but not like to the point of accuracy where it can be relied on for predicting stock values) as this book is well worth the commute-reading experience. Mindy is hilarious as always and there were multiple occasions where I had to refrain myself from chuckling aloud on the train. I like to pretend to be normal in front of people who does not know that I am in fact not normal. For instance, when she describes the time where she successfully ditches a friend’s birthday party (not that I do this all the time or even encourage this sort of behavior) or the time she was offered a free cupcake if she would tweet about it.

Basically, the whole book focuses on the important (and funny) moments that have brought Mindy to where is now present-day. Her quirky personality (which I would love to have) shows through her writing. Something interesting- I read the whole book with Mindy’s voice in my head. I finished the book in about 5 days, so now I am back to starring out the train window on my commute to work. I think I will proceed to read Chelsea Handler’s and Tina Fey’s books, which Mindy has mentioned in her own book. If she mentioned it- it should be worth reading, I trust Mindy’s judgement because she’s funny and she makes me laugh. These traits makes her a very trustworthy person in my eyes.


Author: thecrazyandlazy

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