Review: LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

*Please note that I am not sponsored by LUSH in any way, but if you are LUSH headquarters- just wanted to let you know that I would not mind being sponsored to try your products. Like at all.

I have received a box of LUSH products from a friend of mine and one of the items I was super excited about was their lip scrub (and it’s BUBBLE GUM FLAVORED!) for the reason being…

My lips does this cute thing where they get chapped and shed dead skin all the time ❤ I wouldn’t care less if I am someone who leaves the house with just lip balm on. But I’m not- I almost always apply lip color. And my chapped lips would make the color look disturbingly uneven and my mouth would look like the wrinkly lips of the evil mother-in-laws that exist in all Kdramas. For this reason, I mostly stick with using tinted balms, but let’s be honest- there’s a limit to how much color variation or vibrancy tinted balms can give you.


This glass tub of lip scrub is approximately 1 inch in height and diameter. It runs around 10 USD on the LUSH website. And this thing smells amazing. Imagine the scent of cotton candy bubblegum- that is it. The instructions say that the scrub is actually edible, so of course first thing I do after opening the lid is to take a lick. It tastes just like cotton candy bubblegum, but in the form of sugar grains! ohmahgad:o

Also, all their products have this little sticker with details of who made it, when it was made, etc. Which I think is a pretty cool idea because it gives off an air of customization, like they personally made it just for my own unique use and no one else in the whole wide world.


But to get to the main point, the scrub does get its job of getting rid of my lip’s dead skin done. I no longer have to layer balm under my lip color, which waters down the taking and resistance of the lip color/tint. Now I even get to use my matte lip colors without looking like a evil movie villain! Also, my lips look smoother and softer. I’ll most likely be incorporating this into my morning routine. (disclaimer- I do get lazy, so if not every morning, it will be used 2-3 times weekly, maybe once a week).

If you don’t feel like forking out the money, I will inform you of the top secret ingredients stated on the product label. It contains sugar, oil, flavoring, and food coloring. Now, that I have passed on their secret recipe, go make your own lip scrub by mixing some grained sugar and olive/coconut/argon oil (take your pick), but as a friendly reminder, you won’t have the bursting flavor of cotton candy bubblegum (UNLESS you buy artificial flavoring 😉 hint hint).


Author: thecrazyandlazy

Based in New York City, I'm all about snacking, drama-ing, skincare, online shopping, and anything green tea-ed or matcha powdered. Join me on these everyday experiences through my reviews and rants ^__^

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