KDrama Review: Birth of a Beauty

It’s really easy for me to start a drama, but it’s an entirely different story for me to finish a drama (especially if it starts dragging, which most dramas like doing after the half-way point). Each time I finish a series, I feel a sense of accomplishment. After-all, I did invest 16 to 20 hours of my precious time and feels into it. On the other hand, I also feel a tiny bit of sadness and regret to have finished a series because after the 16 to 20 hours I have spent with it, I get emotionally attached to the characters. However, I have heard that I am not the only one that gets emotionally attached to dramas, so that means I’m not completely cray cray. In conclusion, dramas play a very bittersweet role in my life, but nonetheless, I appreciate it for helping me pass the little free time that I have.

Now, on to more important matters at hand, my most recent accomplishment:

Birth of a Beauty


Let’s start off with a brief synopsis:

Overweight, kind-hearted Sa Geum Ran married into a well-to-do family, but her husband Lee Kang Joon has spent the past seven years in the United States for his business, while Geum Ran has lived with her evil mother- and sister-in-laws. Geum Ran learns that Kang Joon has returned home and, not only has he been having a secret affair, he wants a divorce. Devastated, she drives off and gets into a car accident. Everyone thinks that she is dead, when in fact she has survived. After secret plastic surgery and weight-loss, the now beautiful Geum Ran is ready to ruin her ex-husband and his mistress with her new identity.

The cast was on point, the ost was great, and the storyline was off the wall. I watched this drama as it aired weekly, but I dropped it momentarily (for like 2 weeks) due to the following reasons:

– Episodes 17 to 19 was where this drama started dragging. I think this drama was initially intended to be just 18 episodes, but some Kdrama masters decided that it would be a nice idea to extend it to 21 episodes. And the writers thought these 3 extra episodes was to be used to piss off the viewers because that’s exactly what it did.

– Finals week

– Work

– And finals week

I was still able to finish the series around a week after their final episode aired. I picked up this drama again mainly for the reason being that I really enjoy the chemistry and sweet interactions between the main couple, Joo Sang Wook and Han Ye Seul. They made a kick-ass team in terms of working together to get their revenge on the bad guys. I was also anticipating when the drama villains fail their evil plans (and there was quite a few of them that needed a taste of their own medicine).

To top it all off, I really didn’t mind seeing Joo Sang Wook’s handsome face on my screen (hehe ❤ ).


Throughout the drama, female lead Han Ye Seul donned some cute ass outfits, except for that red sequin dress she wore to an event in episode 14. For such a significant event, I would have expected the stylist to give her a prettier dress. I normally don’t fashion patrol, but the sequins, the collar (ALSO SEQUINED), the belt, and the fit was altogether just too much for my weak soul.


Besides that one dress, I adored everything else that she wore and, even though some outfits may have been on the strange side, she pulled it off completely. I also loved the cute little purses/clutches she accessorized with; and look at her killer heels- like, damn gurl, you rocked them cuz I would have fell on my face after one step.capture


And like all classic romcom dramas, the ending was a nice, happy, well-round one.Overall, I would definitely recommend this drama and I give it a 8/10. It made me laugh at the hilarity of the situations that came up and the plot is definitely an interesting one. Let me know what you thought of this one! 🙂


Clinique Skincare and Makeup Review


I received a gift card to Clinque a while back from work (thank you, work, I knew I had you for an important reason- FREE GIFT CARDS!! <3), so I finally used it to pick out a few items that I’ve been meaning to try out. I’m not really a heavy Clinique user (or actually a Clinique user at all), so this is my first impression of their line of skincare and makeup. I have purchased a good number of items and here are a few of which that I have used enough of to generate a somewhat reliable review of:

1. Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (Clinique and their excruciatingly long product names -_- smh)


My skin is a combination of dry and oily and it drank this up like someone who was stranded in a desert for a week. The gel/creme-like texture went on to my face really smoothly and despite being a heavy duty facial moisturizer, it didn’t feel heavy at all. Glad that it did not clog up my pores because that was my main fear of using overly heavy moisturizers.


This is what’s left of the product- an empty jar. That’s how much my skin loved it. I pat myself on the back for choosing such a awesome moisturizer out of all the other stuff Clinique had to offer 🙂

2. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (Don’t ask- I don’t know why the product name has a + sign. They just do, I didn’t make a typo, but maybe Clinique did.)


This really is dramatically different, that is- dramatically worst that the first product I just reviewed above. It has a similar consistency, maybe slightly heavier, but it makes my skin feel so greasy, like it I masked with a thin layer of oil. On the days that I used this, I had to blot my face like crazy through out the day. I even gave this lotion a 2nd, 3rd, and a 4th try (in the case that my skin was just acting up from the sudden change in my skincare routine), but to my disappointment, no 😦

Unlike, the empty jar of Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, I still have 75% of this thing, and it will most likely stay that way for the rest of its life (which is before I trash it or gift it to someone I don’t like very much).

3. Even Better Makeup SPF 15 (01 – alabaster)


I normally buy BB cream over foundation, but this sounded like a BB cream with more coverage to me. It has SPF 15 and it supposedly brightens and corrects my skin tone. I have a few acne scars that’s visible on my face, but nothing that won’t fade with time. I wanted to try this product with the hope that it will speed up the fading of my scars. Cuz, you know, I need my milky white skin to complete my fabulous-ness.

I haven’t notice much difference in this from other foundations that I’ve used, which might be because I don’t use this religiously enough. I mostly use this when my skin is acting out because it does have better coverage than my BB creams. I try not to use this unless I need to because it makes my makeup look thick and dry, so I strongly advise not to use this around the eyes. It will make you look like you aged 50 years.

 4. Redness Solutions Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 with Probiotic Technology (Calming Alabaster)


My skin is always on the redder side because it’s so sensitive, so I thought this would be wonderful if it really does what it claims to with their “technology”. It does cancel out my redness, but not as much as I wanted it to. It was only slightly better than using normal concealer. On top, of that, it left my complexion looking a little unsettling, like I could go film a kdrama’s sad hospital scene (where I am the patient ofc).

Let me know about your own experience with Clinique or if there were any good products that I am missing out on.

5 Reasons to Anticipate Hyde, Jekyll, and Me


1. The plot

The male lead has 2 personalities, one is very cold and rude, while the other one is very nice and happy. I speculate that the multiple personality plots are a current trend in SK right now (yes, I’m eyeing you- Kill me, Heal Me), but I don’t mind. Especially if Hyun Bin is the male lead, which by all means go ahead with this weird trend. I am looking forward to this love triangle- Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin, and Han Ji Min. How perfect would this world be with multiple Hyun Bins!

2. The cast

Just look at all these cuties that going to be in this drama.

Hyun Bin : I finally get to see this perfect human in a romcom drama which has been ages- like, I’m talking Secret Garden era.


Han Ji Min: How can one not fall in love with this actress from her role in Rooftop Prince??


Sung Joon: Loved him in Lie to Me, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Can We Get Married, Gu Family Book, I Need Romance 3, and Discovery of Romance– which is almost basically everything he is was ever in.


Hyeri: I am typically not very fond of female idols (sometimes male idols, too) getting their feet wet in acting too. Idk, maybe because they tend to be the cutesy, helpless, main-lead-stealing characters. But I find Hyeri really cute, especially with her Seonam Girls High School Investigators role, so here is another positive to the drama.


Han Sang Jin: I am giving this guy a second chance because I really enjoyed Birth of a Beauty and when I saw his character in it, I thought to myself- he can actually be considered good looking in a baby-face sorta way if he wasn’t so evil. He better not be the bad guy this time around. Do not disappoint me, Han Sang Jin.


Lee Won Guen: The cute guy in the first few episodes of The Moon Embraces the Sun. He’s like attacking me with his eye smile ❤ *dies*


Kwak Hee Sung: Never seen or heard of this guy before. He’s suppose to be some sort of bodyguard in the drama and who doesn’t like a hot bodyguard? No one.


3. The promotional posters and drama stills

These images alone are making me eager for the air date with their comical and romantic feels. Ugh, I can’t even right now- next reason, quick.

9 12 13 14 15

4. The teasers

I can already feel the chemistry between the leads and I’m just anticipating how great everything about this drama is going to be, from Hyun Bin with his cold, city-guy glasses to Hyun Bin in his expensive business suits.

5. Han Ji Min’s hair

The long orange-red wavy hair with a middle part looks perfect on Han Ji Min, which, in my own personal opinion, looks 100 times better than her Rooftop Prince cut. Look at the difference:

16    17

I’m just relieved that I don’t have to hope for that point in the drama where everyone gets a hairstyle change, so that that I no longer have to stare at weird hair for 2 hours a week.

Like Yoon Eun Hye’s curly mop in Marry Him If You Dare (like, wtf was her hair stylist thinking?? Did they really think this was going to roll over fine with the viewers??):


And the 2 leads of Full House Take 2– just no, fck no, not acceptable at all:19

But these 2, I forgive, because they changed their bad hair ways pretty early on in the series:



  Yes, hair is important to me even though I, myself, might not have perfect hair everyday.

Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I don’t normally read as I’m more of a TV-drama-watching person. My taste in books is pretty much the same as my taste in dramas, they have to make me laugh (but since good things are never abundant, I will settle for anything that makes me feel at least some sense of amusement). I hated 98% of the reading I was assigned in school (especially my European history textbook and my advanced placement biology book coming in second). I never finish 40% of the books that I read for leisure because I just don’t feel compelled to find out the ending. Now you get a gist of how rare it is for me to recommend books and even more rare for me to write a book review. Yes, this post is a book review :O

It’s winter break and I was definitely not up for taking winter classes, so I have a month to myself (minus my part-time job because, surprisingly, I can’t live off of watching Kdramas all day). On the days that I don’t work, I :



Put on makeup and do my hair, so that I can look and feel fabulous while I marathon dramas and shop online from by bed

The time I have found for me to read is during the commute to and from work, which is about an hour each way. When I had class, I would use this precious time to nap gracefully or read my textbook (which should of been read weeksss ago). Since I am on my break, I am all caught up with my sleep, so I don’t need graceful naps and, thank the heavens, I don’t have assigned textbook reading either.

Last week, I got my hands on Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, since it looked better than staring out the train window for two hours every time I had work. I knew Mindy from her role in The Office and The Mindy Project (I do watch stuff other than Kdramas and I strongly recommend both), so I thought to myself- Hmm, this ought to be somewhat amusing; okay, I will take the risk of you not being somewhat amusing and buy you for $25.


My sixth sense is very accurate (but not like to the point of accuracy where it can be relied on for predicting stock values) as this book is well worth the commute-reading experience. Mindy is hilarious as always and there were multiple occasions where I had to refrain myself from chuckling aloud on the train. I like to pretend to be normal in front of people who does not know that I am in fact not normal. For instance, when she describes the time where she successfully ditches a friend’s birthday party (not that I do this all the time or even encourage this sort of behavior) or the time she was offered a free cupcake if she would tweet about it.

Basically, the whole book focuses on the important (and funny) moments that have brought Mindy to where is now present-day. Her quirky personality (which I would love to have) shows through her writing. Something interesting- I read the whole book with Mindy’s voice in my head. I finished the book in about 5 days, so now I am back to starring out the train window on my commute to work. I think I will proceed to read Chelsea Handler’s and Tina Fey’s books, which Mindy has mentioned in her own book. If she mentioned it- it should be worth reading, I trust Mindy’s judgement because she’s funny and she makes me laugh. These traits makes her a very trustworthy person in my eyes.

8 Supporting Male Actors That Needs Their Own Drama ASAP

Cutting to the point and starting the list right away since the title pretty much explains itself. After the first 3, there’s basically no particular order and I’m just listing at they come to mind.

1. Kim Woo Bin


This guy has been in a ton dramas that I have watched (Vampire Idol, A Gentleman’s Dignity, To the Beautiful You, School 2013, Heirs, and Love Cells), but never once was he the official male lead that ends up with the female lead T.T This guy needs to be given his own drama and preferably a romantic comedy because I think this guy can do comedy (especially with those brows of his).

(Update: The guy finally got his own drama, Uncontrollably Fond, but I wasn’t too fond of it. The drama leans on the sad side, while I was hoping he would be in something more uplifting. But I ain’t complaining, I’ll take what I can get for now.)

2. Shin Sung Rok


I first saw him in You Who Came From the Stars, where he is cast as the evil and sinister murderer, whom I hated (but I have to admit that he is one of the handsomer villains that I have seen around). However, the moment I saw him in Trot Lovers, where his character is a complete opposite from his previous role, I fell in love ❤ I went into depression when I realized that Shin Sung Rok and the female lead will never be. I was happy to hear news that he was cast in The Liar Game and The King’s Face, but I was so disappointed that he was not the lead in either that I just could not bring myself to watch them. I can no longer bear with this guy not being the male lead anymore. Kdrama producers and writers, please bring me out of this depression already and give him a little love!!

3. Song Jae Rim


I know he was the (surprise) male lead in Nail Shop Paris, but to my defense that is not a real drama. It had like, what, 12 episodes and the plot was more focused on the nail shop client’s personal life problems (dammn, they were hella nosy) than the lead’s romance. Also, I got so accustomed to the female lead in man disguise that she started to look like a cross-dressing guy when she was in normal attire. I’m also 99% certain that the writers were high as they wrote the script because they started incorporating supernatural stuff.

Song Jae Rim has a face that is too beautiful to not be the male lead and his eye smile makes me dead ❤ If the female lead doesn’t want him, I will gladly take him!! GLADLY!!!

(Update: He got the male lead role in Unkind Women, but I just wasn’t feeling the plot, you know? Like I just wasn’t feeling it. And Thumping Spike doesn’t count because everyone knows that web dramas are way too short to fulfill our screen time requirement of his perfect face.)

4. Kim Jae Wook


This guy played such sad sad roles in Marry Me, Mary and Who Are You. He was a chaebol missing fatherly love, forced to marry a random girl in one drama and then a ghost who died right before getting married in another. I would like to see him as a happy male lead one day.

5. Yoo Yeon Seok


I hated his guts in The Werewolf Boy, but he was such a cutie in Reply 1994 and just plain smoldering in Hyolyn’s One Way Love mv. How can I not grow to love him?? As his reward for playing more moral characters than his werewolf boy character, I deem him more than worthy to be a male lead of a Kdrama.

(Update: I’m happy to announce that he finally got out of the second lead zone with Warm and Cozy AND he continues rocking his main lead roles in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim.)

6. Lee Hyun Woo


This guy is a human puppy. I want to spoil him and his adorable eye-smile. He has proved his acting in Secretly Greatly, now go give him a drama where he can play the male lead for.

(Update: Yassss, Moorim school.)

7. Lee Kwang Soo


I will watch anything with this guy in it because he is just too hilarious for his own good in a dorky way. If he ever is the male lead, it better be for a comedy because I can’t take this guy seriously for like 99% of the time.

(Update: Kwang Soo got the main role in Puck!, but the drama is too real and sad for me. Like I said, I am a comedy girl. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when he was cast as the main role for The Sound of Your Heart. This show literally had me laughing my ass off. My only complaint is that the drama was way too short- Really? 5 episodes? What were the producers thinking?)

8. Ahn Jae Hyun


Saw him in Man From the Stars and fell in love, so now he needs to have his own drama or I will go crazy. Another reason that this guy should get his own drama is his face- I would watch anything that promises his face to be seen on the screen. I have no problem admitting that I am a very superficial person.

(Update: Blood, I always thought Ahn Jae Hyun would make a perfect vampire with his white skin and red lips. It’s like the producers/writers read my mind.)

Of course, I probably left out a ton of other actors that deserves to be a male lead of a drama. Feel free to let me know in your comments.

(Update: 6 out of 8 of the actors can be knocked off the list, Hoorah! Com’on, Shin Sung Rok and Kim Jae Wook, where you guys at? I’m just waiting for you two.)

Review: LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

*Please note that I am not sponsored by LUSH in any way, but if you are LUSH headquarters- just wanted to let you know that I would not mind being sponsored to try your products. Like at all.

I have received a box of LUSH products from a friend of mine and one of the items I was super excited about was their lip scrub (and it’s BUBBLE GUM FLAVORED!) for the reason being…

My lips does this cute thing where they get chapped and shed dead skin all the time ❤ I wouldn’t care less if I am someone who leaves the house with just lip balm on. But I’m not- I almost always apply lip color. And my chapped lips would make the color look disturbingly uneven and my mouth would look like the wrinkly lips of the evil mother-in-laws that exist in all Kdramas. For this reason, I mostly stick with using tinted balms, but let’s be honest- there’s a limit to how much color variation or vibrancy tinted balms can give you.


This glass tub of lip scrub is approximately 1 inch in height and diameter. It runs around 10 USD on the LUSH website. And this thing smells amazing. Imagine the scent of cotton candy bubblegum- that is it. The instructions say that the scrub is actually edible, so of course first thing I do after opening the lid is to take a lick. It tastes just like cotton candy bubblegum, but in the form of sugar grains! ohmahgad:o

Also, all their products have this little sticker with details of who made it, when it was made, etc. Which I think is a pretty cool idea because it gives off an air of customization, like they personally made it just for my own unique use and no one else in the whole wide world.


But to get to the main point, the scrub does get its job of getting rid of my lip’s dead skin done. I no longer have to layer balm under my lip color, which waters down the taking and resistance of the lip color/tint. Now I even get to use my matte lip colors without looking like a evil movie villain! Also, my lips look smoother and softer. I’ll most likely be incorporating this into my morning routine. (disclaimer- I do get lazy, so if not every morning, it will be used 2-3 times weekly, maybe once a week).

If you don’t feel like forking out the money, I will inform you of the top secret ingredients stated on the product label. It contains sugar, oil, flavoring, and food coloring. Now, that I have passed on their secret recipe, go make your own lip scrub by mixing some grained sugar and olive/coconut/argon oil (take your pick), but as a friendly reminder, you won’t have the bursting flavor of cotton candy bubblegum (UNLESS you buy artificial flavoring 😉 hint hint).

My Top 5 Korean Actresses

I have been a drama addict for a while and I have grown to have some favorites, whom I admire greatly in every single way. In my opinion the following actresses have the ability to make a good drama ten times better. Whenever I hear that one of them have joined a drama’s lineup, I jump right on board to watch because I trust in them to choose good projects and to act out a one of a kind memorable character.

Here is a list of my 5 most favorite Korean actresses:

1. Gong Hyo Gin


I have heard a lot of people complaining that she looks old and average, but, to me, she is perfect in every single way. My love for her began in The Greatest Love and it continued to grow as I make my way through all of her other dramas- Master’s Sun, It’s Okay That’s Love, etc. I love that all her characters are down to earth with a right mix of aegyo. I also like her unique sense of fashion and her long body is to die for.

2. Jun Ji Hyun


Nothing can be more fabulous than her Cheong Song Yi character from You Who Came From the Stars and no one can disagree with me on this. Everything about this lady is just oozing classiness. Jun Ji Hyun is, like, born to be on the walkway and behind the camera. She is really great at comedy without overdoing it and her hair (as well as everything else about her) is breathtaking ❤ Also, I like that majority of her characters are strong-willed, independent, confident, and crazy.

3. Ha Ji Won


Ha Ji Won is very cute and sometimes I don’t think she even realizes how cute she is (like when she had her fake North Korean accent in King to Hearts). She has a great habit of picking up project where she get to play kick-ass characters, like in: Secret Garden, King to Hearts, Sector 7, The Huntresses, etc; and I hope she continues to do so. How can her eye-smile not melt you??

4. Song Hye Kyo


She hasn’t partaken in TV dramas for a while, but I tuned in to her latest one – That Winter The Wind Blows, and I was not short of being impressed by her acting and beauty. I pray that she decides to star in more TV dramas. I will be waiting for you, Song Hye Kyo.

5. Lee Bo Young


Lee Bo Young is another actresses that plays a lot of strong-willed and independent characters (I Can Hear Your Voice, God’s Gift 13 Days, and in the first episode that I have watched of Becoming a Billionaire). Also, I would love to have her cheekbones.

And a few other actresses that is worth mentioning (in no specific order):

Yoon Eun Hye


Yoo In Ah (I loved her in Queen In Hyun’s Man)


Kim So Yeon


Lee Yeon Hee


Go Ara


Shin Min Ah


Song Ji Hyo


Feel free to let me know who your favorite actresses are or if I have missed any 🙂