5 KDramas That Turned Into The Biggest Disappointment of KDrama History


So how does a KDrama qualify to be on this list?

I’m not just talking about a bad drama. These dramas are not just simple bad dramas. Oh no, they are dramas that sound perfectly great and awesome. They’ve got the enticing trailer, the star-studded cast, and the amazing storyline. Like nothing in this world could possibly go wrong, you know what I mean? I know you get me.

But then several episodes in, you finally can’t take it anymore and admit that this show is not what the hype built it up to be. It has taken that perfect premise of what could be made into a timeless drama classic and flung it out of the window to make a frustrating sloppy fck. The word disappointment is a understatement and I just feel like crying, like KDrama gods, how can you betray me like this?? TT_TT

These dramas have scarred, made me reluctant to start another drama that sounds great. Like, what if it’s another scam and turn’s out its another shitty show. And by the time I realize that it’s another shitty show, I would’ve already wasted my time and invested 3-4 episodes of my life into this shitty show.

Okay, rant time over. Let’s start the list.

1- Hyde Jekyll & I (2015)


Quick Plot Breakdown (QPB): Hyun Bin has two personalities- one nice & the other cold, and each personality has no memories of the other. The girl falls in love with the nice one…

You know how to tell when I get really really excited about a upcoming drama? I blog about it, which is exactly what I did for this drama. Well, fck me because boy do I regret wasting all my time on that anticipation blog. This drama turned out to be a flop.

The cast was great, I mean it’s freaking Hyun Bin straight outta military service- what else do you want in a cast? The storyline sounds like it will be full of laugh-out-loud moments, but no it was not. And, as a loyal rom-com fan, I was not impressed at the slightest.

The drama started out great, until I realized that it was not going in that light and comedic direction that I thought it was going to go in. Then, there is the confused main female lead and her sob story of I like the nice personality, but I can’t accept the cold personality. Like, gurl, get over it- either way it’s still Hyun Bin. Admit that you love him, get married, have kids, make the audience happy. It’s that simple.

2- My Sassy Girl (2017)


QPB: A popular and arrogant scholar returns to Joseon from study abroad in China. He becomes the prince’s tutor, which leads to a lot of encounters with the bold and rowdy princess…

Another flop that I wasted a blog post on *facepalms*

Hottie Moon Joo Won as the male lead, check. Hilarious and gorgeous Oh Yeon Seo as female lead, check. Storyline with potential, check. This drama had it all, but still lost it all.

The chemistry between the leads was a little off for me, the comedy was a little too exaggerated and slapstick for me (like they were trying too hard to make the viewers laugh), and the reoccurring political palace wars are just not my style. I wouldn’t waste my time on this, I recommend you stick with a rerun of the original My Sassy Girl movie.

3- Bride of the Water God (2017)


QPB: A narcissistic water god descends to earth to find a magic stone that will help him reclaim his throne. He seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who is fated to serve as his servant and bride, but she does not believe in gods and thinks he’s a psychopath… 

I love, just absolutely love fantasy rom-coms. They are the greatest things to have graced the earth and us lowly mortals. Plus, it stars Nam Joo Hyuk and I freaking love that guy. He’s like a giant puppy (with a chocolate abs and a smile that can swoon a million girls ❤ ).

However, it’s on this list, so you know shit is about to go down. The storyline just draggggs after the first 6 or so episodes, like what the hell, drama gods? Pull your shit together and write a proper script for these well-paid actors/actresses.

Also, the actress who plays the female lead- yea, we just don’t click. I don’t know what happened, maybe she’s got some beef against me leftover from a past life, but geezus this girl has ruined a number of dramas for me (When a Man Falls in Love, Blade Man, The Girl Who See Scents, Black Knight, etc. etc.). Her acting is either really dead or really over the top- there’s just no in-between with her. She’s ruined so many dramas, I thought she would stop it already, but no, she did it again 😐

4- Madame Antoine (2016)


QPB: Out of spite at a fake fortune-teller stealing his clients, the well-known psychologist performs a love experiment to seduce her. He hires 3 attractive men to make her fall in love (one of the men being himself lol)…

I really liked Han Ye Seul’s strong character from Birth of a Beauty and Sung Joon’s boyish looks & smoldering deep voice from I Need Romance 3. Needless to say I was excited to see this pairing work their chemistry on the small screen with a new and refreshing storyline.

What turned me off was all the love games, the lies, and the overly used “push and pull” technique that the main OTP had up their sleeves. Like I just want a simple and sweet love story, why you gotta be playin’ all these games for.

Some of the games/lies that the leads have pulled on each other were getting out of line and just plain old douche-baggery. It was to the point that I no longer found it romantic or funny and I began to question their OTP status.

5- Uncontrollably Fond (2016)


QPB: The guy is a top celebrity and has months to live. The girl is poor and money-driven. The two had known each other during their school years, but fell apart. Now they meet again as adults…

The thing is I entered this drama only knowing two things, Kim Woo Bin (yasss) and Suzy (ehh… but she’s pretty, so whatever). I didn’t know about the terminally ill part that is placed on Woo Bin’s character (my fault because I was busy fangirling over his existence). Then, when I found out while watching the drama, it dawned on me- oh fck 😮 this is a tragic romance, the ending will be tragic, there is no happy ending, quick, abort mission, gtfo now!

The hype around this drama is all around Kim Woo Bin getting his first leading role, and Suzy. There are always Suzy fans out there that will watch anything for a glimpse of her. The drama was filmed nicely, like in terms of scenery and lighting and it’s got some dope music for reminiscing.

The reason this drama was so disappointing to me was partly that there was no future for this couple. The dude is terminally ill and there is nothing (besides a unrealistic miracle) that will save him. Maybe for some this tragic genre is their cup of tea, but not me- I will fling that cup of tea out the window.

The other reason why this was a flop for me was because there’s not really a climax or plot. It’s predictable. The guy is going to find out he is dying and not want to start a relationship with the girl to protect her.

But the girl is going to fight for her feelings, so the guy is like, fine you win but I’m keeping this terminally ill thing a secret until you somehow find out by accident. Girl finally somehow finds out by accident and is torn. Guy is like fckkk, you found out, now I gotta ghost. Girl is like you ain’t goin’ anywhere, I don’t care about your illness, let’s just spend your remaining time together. Guy is like… ehh and then he dies. Girl is torn, end of story.

So here are my top 5 most disappointing KDramas that I have encountered. Props to the cast and staff for trying, but obviously not hard enough because if they had listened to us, the viewers, like maybe once, the drama would not have crash and burned that fast. Let me know down below if you agree or if you have your own to add to the list 🙂


KBeauty Review: Mediheal NMF Aquaring Ampoule Mask


Hey, my crazies and lazies, it’s been a while. Today I will be reviewing a super cute facial sheet mask from Mediheal. The mask is currently sitting on my face right now as I type up this review. This is like a live review, It don’t think it can’t get any more legit than this.

I’ve had a pretty negative experience with their mask targeting acne, so I was a little nervous about using the rest of what I ordered from the brand. But whatever, I ordered it, the money is spent, the mask is in my hands- what’s the worst that can happen.

Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask is the name, the typical Mediheal guess-the-acronym game. I got this from Hollar.com for 2.50 USD, pretty average price. It’s not expensive, but definitely not the cheapest mask out there.

Packaging is cute, damn you cute Asian beauty products always making me squeal like a little girl.

N.M.F stands for Natural Moisturizing Factor- not sure what that means, just sounds like science to me. The packages tells me that I should expect a moisturizing effect from the Sodium Hyaluronate and pore-shrinking from the witch hazel.

What’s so cute about this mask is the little LINE Friends characters printed on the mask. Normally, Mediheal masks are plain white sheets, but they did a collab with LINE. Take a look at this:


The texture of the sheet mask is cloth-like and on the thicker side. The amount of serum (or ampoule, as Mediheal likes to call it) is enough to drench the mask, but not overly done so that it’s spilling everywhere and making a mess. The fragrance is light and floral, barely noticeable.

It’s been at least 30 minutes that the mask has been sitting on my face now. The edge of the mask is almost drying up, I’m taking this baby off.

Results: I like the consistency of the ampoule. It’s heavy, but at the same time my skin was able to absorb it all. After I took off the mask, I patted my face until the ampoule was fully absorb and I slapped on a thin coat of heavy moisturizer to seal that serum in.

My face doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all. It feels hydrated and plump to the touch. My skin also got a slight brightening effect.

I like this one from Mediheal a lot. I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars for the cute mask design and awesome serum. I took off half a star because the sheet mask fit is a little awkward, like the holes for the eyes are too small and positioned too low on the mask. But this is nothing to stop me from getting more of these.


Kbeauty Review: Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Gel


This will be more of a rave than a review. I have been using Secret Key’s Lemon Sparkling Gel for a little less than a year now and I realized I haven’t shared this awesome product on my blog yet.

Before this product, I never really used peels before, but my dried up acne leaves my skin very flaky looking (especially under makeup), so I was like, gotta get these flakes off my face because they not that cute. I have heard of Secret Key as a brand, but I never actually used any of their products before this one. There are a number of great reviews on this peeling gel, so I decided to give it a go.

I got my peeling gel from memebox.com for $9, which is a pretty good price point for an effective peel.

The packaging is a simple and practical squeeze tube, with 120 ml of product in there. The instructions and ingredient list on the back of the tube is all in Korean, so good luck with that. This tube lasted me a pretty long time (at the very least 6 months), and I use it maybe 1-2 times a week and using a generous amount each time.

The name of the product does not lie, the peeling gel does smells like refreshing lemons. The consistency of the peeling gel is like that of a normal gel cleanser, but a bit more runny.

Wet your face and rub a quarter-sized amount on, then the magic happens. After, rubbing the gel on to my face for about a minute you can see these little solid white pieces form. They are actually dead skin that the peeling gel gathered from my skin.

I was skeptical at first that the white pieces weren’t actually my dead skin, like maybe it was the gel formula that solidified from the body heat or rubbing. So I did a test because I am a fabulous scientist ofc.

To test whether the white pieces are actually dead skin, I used the peeling gel twice. The second use, that immediately follows the first, should produce a lot less or even no white pieces because, hypothetically, my first use of the peeling gel would have already washed all the dead skin off.

The test results? It is safe to say that those white pieces are in fact my dead skin (gross, but yay!). During the first use of the peeling gel, I had a lot of pieces of dead skin rubbing off my face. During the second use, I barely had any pieces of dead skin, even though I had used the same amount of product in both washes.

My final verdict on this peeling gel is 5 out of 5 stars. I use this in my cleansing routine at least once a week. It exfoliates the dead skin cells, so that the nicer and newer skin cells can surface. It also makes my makeup go on a lot smoother. I plan on keeping this one in my routine for a long long time.

Enjoy! ^_^

KDrama: 5 Reasons to Anticipate My Sassy Girl (2017)


Okay, at first I wasn’t too excited from this 2017 My Sassy Girl remake, but then I heard some things (particularly this list of 5) that’s making me all pumped for this to air. It’s coming out in a few days on May 29th btw.


Reason #1 is obvious, three words: Moon Joo Won. If you don’t know, check out Bridal Mask, 7th Grade Civil Servant, Good Doctor. In my personal opinion though, just the thought of seeing his perfect face on my laptop screen is enough reason to want to watch this. However, I can say with confidence that this guy is not only a pretty face, he proved himself good with his deeper works (Bridal Mask, again).


Reason #2 is also quite obvious: Oh Yeon Seo. I first saw her acting in Come Back Mister and no other words can describe her other than, she is da bomb. This chick is uber hilarious, like I’m tripping. She is also super beautiful and she fits the word sassy to the freaking T, so yass yass yassss.



This remake is not just any old remake, it’s a remake where they’re changing the time period~ ooh plot twist. The original movie was set in the modern times, but this time around we get to see the romcom unfold in the Josoen Dynasty. So what does this mean? Only prettier costumes, more scenic sets, and ofc the addition of palace drama dundundun

The fact that the main girl is suppose to be all sassy and forward, makes her all the more a sore thumb sticking out in the conservative time period, I just cannot wait to see the Joseon pple’s face ^_^


The teaser that came out like 10 days ago got me all excited. I already see hints of the perfect mix of humor, romance, action, suspense, and feeeels.

Moon Joo Won with spectacles? I approve the look
Well, she looks like she’s havin’ fun


This is the heart-moving synopsis I found online for My Sassy Girl:


You see those last few words that I highlighted above? Yea, can’t fcking wait to see that happen.

My impression on this Kdrama- it’s going to be a complete and utter riot. I’m still stuck in my little Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms world, so it’s been real hard watching anything new, let alone finishing any dramas. Hopefully, My Sassy Girl is the answer to this drama death valley I’ve been stuck in for the past month.

Some additional visuals~





KBeauty Review: It’s Skin Secret Solution Clear Patch


Heyyy, so I’m finally back with another pimple patch review. We are now at review 4 in my pimple patch series. It’s been a while- I finally finished my last final of my last semester of grad school early today. I still have a 15-page paper to start, but that’s not due till come end of the month, so gurl, I’ll work on that later (like on the night of the deadline).

This review will be on It’s Skin’s Secret Solution Clear Patch. Oooh, so secret secret aren’t we, jk.

I ordered this off of TesterKorea.com for 3,440 KRW (3.08 USD). To be clear this is a 5 sheet pack, each sheet has 12 patches, so these are on the cheaper side. As you can see, they are kept in this super adorable cardboard-like envelope casing ❤

They have directions in English in the back, but I think we all know how pimple patches work by now. They recommend the patch to be stuck on your face for 8-12 hours for optimal results, which is pretty much in line with patches from other brands.

This is how the sheet’s individual packing looks like:

Nothing new from the outside cardboard-like packaging…

I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of the actual patches on the clear sheet(they mostly likely already made it all the way from my garbage bin to the landfills by now)!!!! Ugh, such a fail. School finals always turn me into a mess T_T

But to give you a comparison to work with, it’s so so so similar with Mamonde’s AC Balance Spot Patch.

The sheet of 12 patches run 4.5 in. (height) x 2 in. (width). Like Mamonde, there are 2 sizes to the patches- 6 of them have a diameter of about 0.5 in. and the other 6 with a smaller diameter of 0.25 in.

These patches are on the thin side, so I have been wearing them during the day more as a pimple barrier from the germy city of NYC than as to actually heal my pimples. I have been breaking out like ridiculously lately (no idea why, but I do know I looking like a freaking pepperoni pizza face), so a sheet of 12 patches lasts me like 2-3 days.

Their adhesiveness if on point, so they last the suggested 8-12 hours on your pimples. I do feel like these give a little better of a healing property to my pimples that then the Mamonde and Tony Moly patches (only a little), but still nothing beats the legendary Cosrx’s Master Patch or SkinFood’s trouble Clear Spot Patch.

I give these little ones a 4 out of 5 stars– I definitely see a reducing of swelling and redness of pimples after having a patch on it for a day. Also, they are priced nicely, so if you are looking for a subtle day-time pimple patch to protect and semi-conceal your face pepperonis, theses are the ones to go with!

KBeauty Review: Mediheal PDF AC Dressing Ampoule Mask


I ordered a few facial masks from Hollar.com (surprisingly they do carry a small lineup of Kbeauty products, I was like- whatttt whatchu guys doin’ here). The masks I bought are from Mediheal. I never tried this brand before, though I know it’s a pretty popular one, so I was like let’s see if I have been missing out on anything. They were like 2.25 to 2.50 USD each- typical face mask pricing.

I’m going to jump into a short review of the P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask that I used last night. Whoever names Mediheal‘s masks must be obsessed with acronyms, like I get that you like them acronyms but damn gurl.

This mask’s formula is aimed towards acne-prone skin, which I needed because my skin has been breakin’ out the past few months. It’s like a pimple party is getting it on up here.

Here are some fuzzy a** photos

Here are some better shots of the packaging I took this morning if you like to do duh package reading.

Packaging is sleek and cute ofc (when it comes to Asian skincare when is packaging not cute).

The mask is soaked, like drenched soaked, and there is a mild perfume-y scent to the ampoule. The sheet is on the thicker side of masks and it almost has a gel-like feel to it. The shape of the mask fitted my face nicely and I left it on my face for like 30 to 40-ish minutes, until the mask started loosing it moisture.

After I took off the mask, I patted my face to help absorb the residual ampoule sitting on my skin and that stuff would just not go anywhere. The formula was just slipping and sliding on my face. It felt so heavy, greasy, sticky, and tacky. I tried massaging it into my face for a few more minutes and then, I left it sitting for another few more minutes (in hopes that it will dry or be absorbed into my skin), but no girl no. I ended up wiping it off with a tissue.

It made my hands all tacky and when I took the better/clearer photos of the packaging this morning, the empty package was stillll feelin tacky. Just ugh. Why would you do this to me, Mediheal? What have I ever done to cross you?

After, I wiped the excess sticky ampoule off my face it felt a bit more comfortable. Went to bed and woke up this morning with typical morning skin. I don’t see any difference in my skin from the mask, no improvement but also no …dis-improvements (is this a word? but you kno what I mean).

All in all I would not buy this PDF AC mask again, but I’m still going to try out the other masks that I ordered from Mediheal (crossing my fingers that those won’t be as sticky). For giving no difference to my skin, that nightmare tacky/sticky feeling it gave me was just not worth it. I give this mask a 1 out of 5 stars. #stickyaf

CDrama Review: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms


I finished Goblin about a month ago and was just starting to get over my withdrawal symptoms for that drama. I was still on the lookout for something to top that drama, because that show has drawn the drama bar so high up a simple series cannot satisfy my drama cravings. I was using Strong Woman Do Bong Soon to temporarily stop those cravings, which I admit did a pretty good job.

Then, my friend reminded me to watch Ten Miles of Peach Blossom yet again– she has been telling me that I should give it a try since the day the drama started airing (which was like somewhere in January 2017 I think). TMOPB is a Chinese fantasy period drama with a whopping 58 episodes. Fantasy dramas are my thing, but I was turned off by the idea of it being a period drama because I just don’t feel those. They have too much cruel palace drama and politics for me to give a fck about, especially if they are going to draw it out for 58 episodes.

A week ago, I finally took up my friend’s drama suggestion because we do have a very similar taste and standard in dramas. Also, news about this drama has been hitting the web like crazay and pple have been raving about it left & right. I thought what’s the harm in giving this drama a go?- it’s not like I have another amazing drama up my sleeve.

But, let me tell you, gurl, the harm that TMOPB has done to me, to my life, to my skyrocketing drama expectations. I finished the entire series in less than a week- that’s right, I devoured all 58 episodes without skipping a single scene in a mere sitting of 6 days. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and I would stay up till 4 am marathoning this (even with work looming the next morning).

In those 6 days I have ugly-cried, laughed, hated, and fell in love- all before the screen of my laptop. After I finished TMOPB, day 7 was just mindless depression- I had no appetite, no interest in my social/work/school life, no concerns over the newly emerged pimples on my face, no fcks for my outfit of the day, the list goes on. With TMOPB over, I felt so empty, like I no longer have anything to look forward to anymore. The only thing on my mind was TMOPB and how perfect the main characters were (I’m mostly looking at you, Yehua) and wonderfully amazing the story was. Before day 7 ended I could no longer hold in my TMOPB feels- I went in for round 2 of marathoning the drama.

When I first watched TMOPB, I had no clue what the drama was going to be about. I didn’t know who the male lead was- heck, I didn’t even which actors were casted for the show. The only things I knew was 1) Yangmi is the female lead, 2) there’s a nine-tailed fox in it (bc I scrolled passed a TMOPB clip on fb), and 3) this drama is long (my preferred drama length is give or take 20 episodes).

I felt like diving into the drama headfirst, without a damn clue on the plot made it a more exciting experience for me. TMOPB was adopted from a novel, which I have not read, but I heard that the producers have stuck closely to the book and have only made the drama even better than the novel. A lot of viewers may have forecasted what would be coming in the next episodes, since they have read the novel. Coming from a perspective that have never heard of the novel, I felt like I experienced a fresher storyline and reacted more to the unexpected major turning events. I had no idea what was going to happen next and that kept me watching till 4 in the morning.


Now, let me give you a breakdown of the compelling storyline because it’s one of the main factors that made this drama oh so addicting. If you wish to dive into the drama headfirst without a single drop of pretense (like me), skip the following paragraphs in peach blossom pink.

The magical Khunlun Mountain
Mo Yuan accepting SiYin
Yehua’s soul with SiYin

The story of 2 immortals, Bai Qian (Fox Tribe’s Queen) and Yehua (Heaven’s Crown Prince), transcends through the period of 3 “lives” in 3 different “worlds”. The drama starts in the first period, where 70,000 year-old Bai Qian goes under the identity of a boy named SiYin to become a disciple of the God of War, Mo Yuan (shifuuuu). This period takes place in Mo Yuan’s “world”, Khunlun Mountain, and Yehua is still yet to be born. Yehua’s soul/life is contained in a golden lotus on Khunlun Mountain till he is ready to be born and his soul falls in love with Bai Qian/SiYin as he quietly watches over her. 

Yehua seducing SuSu 😀
Yehua and SuSu

We transition into the second period that takes places in the mortal world, where Yehua has been born in the Heaven’s palace and is now 60,000 years old. Meanwhile, 140,000 year-old Bai Qian is thrown into the mortal world, stripped of her memories and immortal powers, during a fight with the story’s main villain. Yehua is sent to the mortal world to capture a evil creature, leading him to meet the “mortal” Bai Qian. Even though Yehua’s memory of loving Bai Qian/SiYin when he was a soul in a golden lotus is gone after he was born, he falls in love with her again. Yehua calls this “mortal” who has no name or memories SuSu. The couple is brought to the Heaven’s palace and the cruel palace hierarchy pushes SuSu/Bai Qian to jump to her death right after she gives birth to Yehua’s baby TT_TT

Heaven’s Palace
Fox Tribe (Qin Qiu)
Yehua and Bai Qain finally meets again

Finally we enter the third and final period, after SuSu/Bai Qian has jumped to her death, she is returned to the immortal world and her immortal powers & memories are back. However, she chooses to forget her memories of being with Yehua because it was just too painful for her to carry. Yehua mourns for SuSu/Bai Qian for 300 years before they meet again by chance and he recognizes that SuSu is actually Bai Qian right away. Yehua proceeds to make Bai Qian fall in love with him all over again… ❤

This. Just this.

I know the summary is a mouthful, but, believe me, it nevertheless is a captivating and perfect story. The reasons that this drama is beyond others include:

*Yehua never once falls for the lies of the btchs that try to get between him and Bai Qain. He sees through all of their awful plans and this gets rid of a lot of the typical drama misunderstandings.

*Yehua has loved only one woman, Bai Qain, from the moment before he has existed as a soul and will continue to for an eternity. This drama doesn’t have the overused “hate turns to love” relationships.

*The main cast was played by fcking amazing actors/actresses. Their emotions- pain, heartbreak, longing, love, etc. was spilling off the screen by the gallons. I couldn’t help but begin to experience these emotions with the main characters. The main cast had to play multiple roles/lives and they brought each and everyone to life. Mark Chao played Mo Yuan, Yehau, Zhao Ge. Yangmi played Bai Qian, SiYin, SuSu, Xuan Nu (partially), and a taoist priest.

*The ethereal costumes, flowing long hair, and the scenic backdrop was breathtaking to say the least. Yehua looks majestically delicious in his black robes *drools uncontrollably* Even the cast themselves has pointed out how detailed and heavy their costumes were *O*

*The OST is the bomb. It’s all I listen to now- in the morning, commuting to school/work, eating, sleeping, working, in the bathroom, everyday everywhere. They incorporate the flute, guqin, and piano to create a romantic masterpiece that brings me back to the loving and sad moments of TMOPB.

*TMOPB nailed romance like no other drama. The romance and on-screen chemistry felt so real and, to be honest with you guys, I completely melted for Yehua. I’m in love with a fictional character of a fantasy drama -__-

*I cried watching TMOPB and this is saying a lot because I never never ever cry. I don’t cry in real life situations I have experienced and I def do not cry for some fictional drama someone scripted. If I ever did cry, you’re lucky to get a sniffle and a tear drop or two. However, for TMOPB, the tears did not stop. It was to the point that my parents grew a bit concerned when they saw me.

My final verdict is 100 out of 5 stars. TMOP, you have successfully taken me out of my Goblin depression, but who will heal me from my TMOPB wounds now?

Before you go, please enjoy these beautiful pictures.

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